To start the game, click on the desired level from the list above.
To move, click on the piece and then click on the target square.

This is an online 1-kilobyte chess game for one player against the computer. The source code takes just 1024 bytes, making it the world's smallest JavaScript chess program that implements both castling and en passant capture. The only limitations are that you always play white pieces and pawn promotion is limited to the queen. You can also play two "advanced" 2-kB chess levels. Try to checkmate them all!

This site uses two JavaScript variants of the remarkable Toledo Chess Game, which was a winning entry in the JSK1 contest with this 1-kB chess version.

© 2010- Óscar Toledo G. Modifications and this website by Andrés Moreno.
1kChess, play chess online with the only 1-kB chess game program!

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